Creative Envision Design


Brand Vision Story

Our passion and expertise lies in envisioning the story of your Brand related to the entire development. 

The relevance of the overall Brand positioning and values ultimately synthesising into a vision deck that can be used for investment pitch or further design development.

Brand vision story extends beyond real estate projects, our scope reaches out to retail brand & commercial strategy or providing strategy solutions for existing or new asset              re adaptive design 


Masterplanning Land Phasing

Having a piece of land  that needs development and design advisory on the possibilities for development or existing project that needs revamping? Environ provides land phasing and zoning strategies with a strong understanding of spatial and programming matrixes and planning.

We also provide step by step design approach in client communication for their personal real estate development.


Feasibility Development Costing Guide

With any land or projects, understanding market costing is pertinent to build a well budgeted development. 

With our good resources and knowledge in the built environment, we can provide initial feasibility studies and initial costing of construction for land and project development. 

Full Design



From conceptualisation of land zoning and programs to understanding local context and features, architecture design creates more than a facade design but heightening the relationship between different functions of spaces. 

We provide full design services from concept, design development to detail design drawings and design supervision, tailoring to needs of Clients. 


Concept Landscape Design

Landscape design plays an essential role in Environ design to exude natural well being environment for the user.

We provide interesting yet simple play between exterior and interior landscape enhancing the sensory experience.


Interior Design

In Environ, our ethos is to create a seamless and poignant synergy between Architectural and Interior Designs. Both co exist within the same design framework and language. Our design approach is using interior design and furnishings to create featured touchpoints linking back to the entire Brand identity of the project.

Each project is designed differently with its own identity with play of colours, materiality, decor, accessories, lighting and ultimately creating a holistic environment.


Interior styling & staging

With any properties mock up units or marketing gallery, our Team will support with the completion of Interior selection from our pool of good resources to style the space till completion of handover. 

Our expertise is careful curation and selection of furniture, decor and accessories including tuning lighting of the space to get the right ambience.

Understanding proportions, colours, textures and materiality of the furnishings and mixing them into a perfect palette for our Clients. 

Branding & Visual

Art & styling Visual Design

We conceptualise spatial design with a holistic approach of including Arts and Graphics into the space. 

Depending on the brief of the project, we can customise artwork into many forms from graphics, media installations, sculptures …..

Our approach is holistic to create an integration from Architecture, Interior, Branding, Arts & styling to wayfinding.

Wayfinding Design

Functionality of a space highly depends on the logical yet creative design of Wayfinding and directional signage designs. 

We design wayfinding with an intention to create more interaction between user and space but also tying the entire Brand of the project together.

Selective iconography designs can also be customised depending on Client’s needs.

Product Visual Merchandise Display

Part of creating a relatable Brand is through visual design and display especially for Retail and commercial projects. This scope covers selecting from Brand products SKU and curating into “environment” settings that are related to customers visual pleasure. We understand customer engagement through design visual strategy through spatial art and styling, product sizes and tactility.

In a marketing gallery or show gallery unit, we can also provide curatorial services to create highlights and special moments through visual display of selective decor and furnishing pieces.

Media & Marketing collaterals

Our Media and designers can provide additional scope of services for your Real Estate development or project with creation of the entire Marketing digital and offline collaterals. From marketing brochure, to website design and even social media setups that links to your Brand development and identity.

In spatial design, special artwork graphics can be created specially for your project to increase Brand awareness creating a seamless integration from offline to online.