Front Preview

Located close to the sea in North Jakarta , the site situates in a corner plot where 270 degrees view to the sea to be unearthed with creating experiences of this new private residence for a young family.

The planning of the house springs out from the center “heart” zone, where the oasis (pool), courtyard airwells, main stair core are and programs pivots around this heart.

The sense of arrival led by natural green from outside towards inside, welcomed with courtyard and reflecting pond. Gardens adorning the perimeter and interior completes the natural feel while also acting as soft barriers of privacy.

“Mid-Modernist “Oasis” concepts vast open-air deck with full-glazed facades of an unobstructed view to the sea and shaded by deep roof overhangs. Positioning the pool at 2nd storey of house in between living and dining area is the highlight. Pool acts as a cooling element when sea breeze flows through cool air to the interior spaces.

Retaining experience with nature visually creating continuous flow connection between exterior and interior and creating internal green courtyards puncturing through 3 stories of the house bring natural light and freshness into the deepest interior spaces and connecting directly with the sky view above.

This is just the start of experiencing the holistic homestead for new urban family.


Side Preview

Design elements of air wells, green courtyards, natural sunlight through skylights, energy efficient fans cooling spaces, grey water recycling biotech systems, lush green facades, recycled rattan sun shading screens.

Selecting locally sourced and produced materials and collaborating with trusted vendors with the same vision to create a more sustainable product, from the usage of reclaimed wood and natural rattan, low voc products and furniture and minimising usage of multiple materials…

Cultivating habit of using less energy for residents in their daily life is also a form of introducing sustainability through design.

Crafting Technicalities


All the technicalities are developed and crafted with care, from sketches into the 3d to the technical drawings. Studying options, layering processes and working with consultants for best scenarios and cost budgeting in place….providing best solutions for the client and design result.

Each of the joineries and endings are analyzed for the materialisation of an efficient yet beautifully house system beneficial for later construction.

Crafting process and the time taken to understand the priorities of each element composed together for the finality is super pertinent in each project Enviro Tec embarks on.

Guest Bedroom 


Kids Bedroom


Kids Playdeck & Study Corner




Living Room


Master Bedroom