Qingting Room 青庭

Qingting 青庭 Across the window and outside, the courtyard is still green throughout the year Every room is embellished with a spot of green life, succulent desert cactus is chosen as soft touchpoint, a surprising gesture. This hotel room has 270 degrees panoramic view of the natural lake and greenscape, hence the visual connectivity from bedroom explains the name of this room.

The selling point is this view, the lounge sette and bedroom faces directly towards the view framed by ellipse shape like window frame.This window frame is a typical design feature in every hotel room, where the back wall is illuminated at night creating sensory depth into the room.

The ceiling cove accentuates the space configuration. The bathroom for this room is special, entering through a large archway with a island vanity counter made of timber slated screen and sandy travertine counter piece. Flanging at both sides displays uncut wood hanging wardobe and big mirror, highlighted by artifical skylight above in timber slat. This is reminiscent of tavern inn interior elements giving a rustic yet natural warm ambience to the space.