The main design concept of this new re-adaptive used of the boutique resort is based on the 100 ordos development and envisioned by the wild world-renowned artist (Ai Weiwei) the idea of the concept as the hotel is named The Little Wild One

The with the name it’s about the big desert the Wild Desert of Ordos and taking references of the characteristics of the fluidity the organic flow of the sand dunes the depth and shadows created by the layering of mist underlighting shape, And hence the shapes with a light falls luminance of these onto the Speckles of the entirety of the desert and the sand. This correct when the birth of the Living Desert where the fluidity flows from one space to another this organic flow creates an almost spiritual life Journey.


How people used to space and the experience of it the user Journey starts right at the entry for one enter of does it mean have a nurse in nature the concept of a fluidity starts with a welcoming gesture would be quoting stairs of both Desert Oasis and under moon lighting.

The concept of our moon lighting the artificial lighting intersect with the nature and natural light where then existing brick pattern, the shadow play on the space allows the intersection of fluidity between the boundaryless spaces and there we Traverse up like a (shore) going up to sand dune spiraling up to the upper level and then the fluidity flows again to the 7 rooms and that is where we capture different moments of organic and fluidity

The key features of the little Wild Ones, the hotel is based on the desert life in the concept of throwing of emptiness and expensiveness where it is uncluttered it’s boundaryless and it’s fluid And this flow of the elements where we create fluidity through the design features of wall to ceiling, the adjoining walls in the cornering of a curve shows edges that flow in nature is important to enrich the entire space 

The second with be the color and use of the desert sunset where you have much pink color tone and slight thin of terracotta red and alot thick color of the scent this tonality and the fluidity of the space in design feature where then create more richness and texture quality

And the last it would be in the furniture and Furnishing selection where we use big raw uncut beauty of Timber pieces the rawness edges and uneven surfaces of big marble slabs as table tops the entirety of this three design features create evolve beauty and a sensory of touch feeling and visual of the entire space.