Design And Build Contractor – Environ Brand name is inspired by American Techno Musician, mixed engineer “Morgan Geist” with a down tempo track called

Enviro-n Into a separate space. This track represents the integration of electronic and organic beats. It surrounds space as a wholesome environment.

Within the ethos and essence of Environ, this brand represents the concept of universe encircling and an integration of various types of spaces and environment. Organic in its essence and fluid in its form, it aspires to be an universe of its own creating moment of sensory filled experience and into your own environment while users take ownership of the space.

The logo round shape is universality of creation. It is boundary-less, flexible, organic in shape. It is evolving always like nature, it grows organically. The letter “e” in shapes to inform the idea of unity, versatility, wholesome and evolving.

Relevant to the birth place of Environ, hues of Terracotta of Bali’s environment tonality and palette creates a strong connection to the Brand identity.

Like a good sunset sundown of iridescent positivity, this emergence of diversity is balanced by comfort and calmness is what Environ creates. A universe balanced by thoughtful design sensibility, creative touches and signifies value differentiation.

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EEnvironment ;
N – Nurture;
V – Vision ;
I – Inspirational ;
R – Rejuvenate ;
O – Oracle ;
N – Natural ;

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